Day 31. Completion.

It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of the month, and we’ve come to the very last post in the #blogeverydayinmay challenge! Thank you Jenni so much for hosting this challenge! I’ve loved getting to know others in the blogging community and I really feel like I’ve grown so much from this experience :)
Last topic. A vivid memory.
I have a confession. I have the worst memory ever. I used to be able to remember so many things, but now I can only remember the randomest details that are really not all that important :/
However, there is one moment that completely stands out to me. And that moment would be the first time I laid eyes on my husband. I’ve touched on this a little bit in “our story”.
June 12, 2009. (holy crap, almost 4 years ago!) The Comcast Center, Mansfield MA. Brad Paisley concert.
My sister and I were sitting in our seats, enjoying the opening acts. First was Jimmy Wayne and then, Dierks Bentley. There were lots of empty seats all around us, which wasn’t surprising given it was early still. Most people chose to wander around and get some drinks before settling in for the main event.
I remember that Dierks was only on his second song. A group of people were making their way into our aisle, and this required us standing up, so that they could climb over us to their seats.
Boy. Girl. Boy. Keith. He was the last one to walk into our row, and the second I laid eyes on him, the entire place stopped. Everything else went kind of blurry, the world stood still and all I could see was this cute guy, juggling two beers and his ticket.
He was wearing a white baseball cap, a t-shirt with trees on it, jeans and flipflops.
He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen.
It felt like this moment lasted an hour, but in reality it was only seconds. Miliseconds to be exact. And then just like that, it was noisy and loud and we were all sitting back down. But in that one moment, I knew. I could just feel it in my bones.
Isn’t it funny how life goes? One minute you’re barreling down one specific path and then all of a sudden — DETOUR! And then you’re on this new, amazing path that somehow feels like it was supposed to be all along. Meant to be.
In another amazing twist, a couple years later, Keith and I met with the Deacon at the church we were to be married at. Such a gentle, happy, loving soul. He asked us questions about our relationship, and where we met. After we told him, he looked at us kind of funny and said “hold on”. He left the room and came back a few minutes later wearing a cowboy hat, with the words “Brad Paisley – Saturday Night Tour” on it. As crazy as it sounds, on that night that we met….somewhere in the same crowd was the man that would marry us three years later.
Isn’t life amazing? :)


Dressing Room Reveal

Y’all, I am SO excited to share this with you — I’ve been meaning and wanting to do a dressing room blog post, so that I can show off my amazing space. I am SO excited about it! Finally tonight I got home from work and decided to try a video! So without further ado, here is my dressing room vlog :) Let me know what you think!!

Billy bookcases, Ikea
Vanity, Craigslist
Malm dresser, Ikea
Curtains, Homegoods
Curtain rods, Ikea
Mirror, Homegoods
Closet system, Home Depot
Paint color — Antique Tin by Behr, Home Depot

Any other questions, please just let me know! Thanks for watching:)

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Letting Go. Day 30.

Today’s topic for Blog Every Day In May is Letting Go.

Letting go has meant many different things to me over the course of time, some small and some big. Letting go of a dream, a friend, an idea, a disagreement. Letting go means living free. Holding on to things we shouldn’t, just brings us down, causes us stress. And really, who needs that kind of negativity? Part of growing up, means learning to know when the right time is to let go of something or someone. But how often do we emotionally let go of something, even once it’s physically gone from our lives? That takes time, and patience and faith that you are heading in the right direction.

Right now I need to let go of my desire to move somewhere else. I want so badly to live in Texas, Phoenix, North Carolina …. I have this burning desire to explore a new city, make new friends and fill our time with new experiences. Is it realistic? Probably not. Actually, really not. We just bought a new house and have great, stable, (fulfilling?) jobs. It isn’t practical to uproot and move somewhere just because I want to. And so instead of sitting here, wishing and dreaming of a different kind of life, I need to And embrace the beautiful life that we have, right here.

This weekend marks exactly one year since my life changed and I lost several friendships. It’s taken me a whole year to really come to terms with it. I’ve gone through all the stages of loss — and have finally reached acceptance. And so, today, I am letting it go. Forever. What’s done can’t be undone. And I can no longer beat myself up over the mistakes that were made. Or wonder if they feel the same. So instead of sitting here and wishing I could change the past or go back in time, I’m focusing on moving forward. I’m blessed with amazing friendships and those are the friendships that I need to throw myself into, and focus on keeping strong. I am officially saying goodbye and letting go.

Phew. Feels kinda good to get all that off my chest.

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