Holiday Dreaming ….


I am well aware that it’s still October and Halloween hasn’t even passed yet, but I am already dreaming and planning holiday decorations. How soon is too soon to put up Christmas decor?? :)
In the meantime (until it’s acceptable to put up tinsel and stockings…) I’m pinning and planning like a mad woman. Here are just a few of my pinspirations.
I love the cheeriness of this bright red door mixed with simple evergreen decorations. It doesn’t scream “Christmas” as much and is so beautiful to keep up all winter long. Our door is not this bright a red, but I still think I can make this overall idea work.
 A hot cocoa bar? Seriously, the best.idea.ever.
 One of the things that I love most about our new home, is that we have a (working!) fireplace which means …. I have a MANTLE to decorate!! I like clean and simple mantle holiday looks with a little bit of twinkling lights and candles mixed in for that beautiful glow.


And then of course …. comes the tree. Keith promised me that once we moved into a house we could get a real Christmas tree, so I’m excited to try that out this year and see how it goes! I do want to revamp our overall tree look so I’m planning on buying new ornaments to decorate with. I love a simple color scheme of white and mixed metallics, so I think this is the look I’m going for.

 I already ordered this Christmas Tree skirt from Ballard Designs this weekend, and I’m so excited for it to come in! Plus, I love that it’s personalized, and we’ll be able to use it for years to come :)
This initial wreath is also from Ballard Designs, and I thik it will look so pretty on our front door with a big red bow!
So there you have it …. my dream Christmas decor. Please tell me that I’m not the only person ready to decorate for Christmas! :)

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How we found out …..

It was Friday August 23 and I woke up feeling very impatient. Anyone who knows me knows I have absolutely zero patience and I hate waiting. My period wasn’t due for 5 more days, but I just couldn’t wait that long. Besides, I just had a “feeling”. I had been feeling very off all week, much more tired than usual and there were those telling cramps earlier in the week. Too early to be period cramps, and my mind was telling me those were implantation cramps. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up.
So I got out of bed and went downstairs to get ready for the day. I decided to take a test even though I was 10dpo. I knew the chances of getting a positive so early were slim. So instead of torturing myself by watching the test for the results, I jumped in the shower. And prayed.
I didn’t want to be disappointed. We wanted a baby. The timing was right, and we were ready. But was it our time? I prayed that whatever the results were this month, I would trust in God and His timing for giving us a family.
I hopped out of the shower, glanced at the test on the counter and almost screamed! 
It literally took my breath away. Even though I KNEW it in my gut, seeing that word just totally blew my mind. 
So I grabbed a towel and (still sopping wet!) raced up the stairs to wake Keith up. He was in a sound sleep, and I shook him awake. As soon as he opened his eyes I practically shouted, asking if he was awake. Then shoved the test in his face. He of course couldn’t focus on it … I had after all just woken the poor man up …. so I pretty much screamed that I was pregnant. And that I then had to go get ready for work, or I’d be late. The whole scenario cracks me up now, because it is so NOT the way I had imagined telling my husband he was going to be a father, but it was so me. And so us. 
Driving to work that morning he texted me … “so now what? it feels so unreal to just go about our days like everything is normal!” 
And he was so right. Our entire world had just been flipped upside down and we couldn’t tell a soul.
Somehow, we did it. We managed to keep it a secret for FIVE more weeks after we found out! But more on that later…..

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Our BIG News!!!

Goodness, y’all have NO idea how much it has been killing me to wait to share our big news, and I am so excited that I can finally announce that Keith and I are PREGNANT!!
We found out in late August, one week before our first wedding anniversary. Best. Present. Ever.
We are due May 5, 2014 and I am almost 13 weeks along now :)


A few people have been confused by my sign and think it says “little baby me” … no. Little baby M is just what I call it :)
This will explain why I’ve been so mysteriously MIA from Blogland for the past few months! I had a really rough first trimester, and was very sick all the time, and had little energy for anything. I am finally starting to feel human again, and am really looking forward to sharing this journey with everyone!

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