Thursday Reads

Hi guys! Just popping in quickly because I wanted to share two link two great articles that were shared with me this week.
You may have seen them as they have been making their way through social media, but if not, please take a look!
Here is a link to the first one, titled “before you were a mommy”. I seriously got teary eyed reading this one. I know that having a baby is going to completely change our lives, and our marriage, as we adjust to caring for another little person, and the words she writes just really hit home.
The second one is about raising kind daughters. We live in a kind of mean society. Anyone else notice this? There is so much anger, and frustration and stress and don’t even get me started on the bullying. Bullying that is seen in young kids, at school and online. This article really struck home with me as I am getting ready to have a daughter. It got me thinking about what kind of person I want her to be, and how I want her to act and treat people. And that forced me to take a look at myself … what kind of example am I setting for her? The bottom line is … kindness starts at home. How different would our world be if everyone tried to be a little kinder?
Let me know what you guys think!!

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House Update

Well, it is now day ten since we listed our house and guess how much interest we have had?
Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
Blah. It’s hard not to be discouraged. Our house is move-in ready and in a great school district. There are only twelve other houses on the market in our town, and ours is the only one at our price point. We really thought that by the end of the first week, we would have at least one offer.
We had a good turnout at our first open house, but there were a couple of negative remarks.
One, being my dressing room. This one kind of surprised me, but people were commenting that it showed the lack of closet space in our master bedroom. While this isn’t true, I can see why they may have thought that.
The second remark was the lack of a dining area. Ahh, I knew this would get us. It was one of my biggest gripes with the house as well.
So after some thinking, and talking with our agent, we decided to make some changes. Here’s the photos of what our house looks like now!
The upstairs second bedroom, staged as baby girl’s nursery instead of a random room with a futon.

Our bedroom, with my dresser moved upstairs to fill some empty space.
Our focal point wall, we just swapped out the lamp on the table.

A little bar area in our new “dining room”.

And our dining table brought back in and placed in the open space next to the kitchen.

A MUCH better flow and use of space!

My old dressing room, now re-purposed as a family room/den/playroom. I love how cozy this room is!

This room was empty when we listed it, so we moved the futon down and added a desk and two bookshelves. It now feels more like a guest room.


The rest of the house stayed the same and we have scheduled another open house this weekend. We are hopeful that these changes will sell our house!

Will you keep your fingers crossed for us please? And tell me, what do you think of our new layout?


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Pregnancy Favorites


I have been working on this post since month three of this pregnancy … I’m almost into my third trimester now, but hey, better late then never!

I have been reading pregnancy blogs since way before I was pregnant. I love reading what other mamas have tried and used, and then going from there. Everyone is different and has different pregnancies, so some things are just good ol’ trial and error.

So wihtout wasting any more time, here is my list of absolute must-have-would-not-have-survived-this-pregnancy-without list!

1. A huge, take-anywhere-with-you, insulated water bottle: this one is a no-brainer. My personal favorite is the large Bubba. I am never, ever without this thing! It keeps my water nice and cold, and I probably drink 8-10 of these a day! During pregnancy it is recommended that you drink more than a non-pregnant person, around 80 ounces a day. I probably drink between 100-120 ounces. Staying hydrated is SO important!

You can find these at Target, Walmart or Bed, Bath & Beyond

2. Sleeping Aids: Unisom Quickmelts — these are seriously my lifesaver. I have been taking them every night since week 8, and I swear they are the only things that help me get a solid nights sleep. I notice a huge difference if I don’t take one! (Disclaimer: my midwife suggested these to me, but you might still want to double check with your midwife or OB first)

Unisom Sleepmelts, Cherry
You can find these at any local drugstore or Target!

3. Healthy snacks: I always keep snacks with me in my purse because I never know when I’m going to suddenly get hungry and not be near a place to get something quick and healthy! During my first trimester, if I didn’t eat every hour to hour-and-a-half, I would get very sick, so I learned my lesson early on. These are some of my favorites: Zone and Kind bars, dried fruit (apricots), apples, applesauce and trailmix. At my office I would keep cereal and milk, and bread with peanut butter and jelly :)

4. Anti-Stretch Mark Cream: Starting as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was religious about using this product. I understand that stretch marks are likely hereditary, but I still wanted to do something to help! And *knock on wood* I’m 26 weeks and not a stretch mark in sight! My belly gets really itchy somtimes from my skin stretching and this is so nice and soothing on my skin. This product is sold pretty much everywhere, but I lucked out before Christmas and found the large bottle at TJ Maxx for $14.99, when it normally retails for around $25. I’m thinking it will last me through the rest of my pregnancy!

Bio-Oil Specialist Moisturizer

5. Pregnancy pillow — honestly, don’t mess around or wait to get one of these. Keith calls it my “dinosaur” and Gunner loves to snuggle up in it too, this thing is amazing. It’s so helpful to keep me sleeping on my side since I’m normally a back sleeper. I love love this, and will probably use it long after the baby is here!


6. Comfy clothes: I do have to dress up for work, and I plan on doing a separate post on my favorite maternity clothes, but I honestly live in two things when I’m home being lazy .

I LIVE in these

The Liz Lange for Target maternity tanks are my favorite. They are SO comfy and soft, and stretchy but not too much so. I layer these under everything, especially my non-maternity cardigans :) And they are a great price!

Definitely get yourself a good pair of leggings! I wear mine all the time. The nice thing about maternity tops is that they are longer and nicely cover your bum :) I wear leggings to work, to bed, out and about. I have pairs from Old Navy, Loft, Motherhood Maternity and Target, but my all-time favorites are the ones from Gap. They hold up really well even though I’ve washed and worn them a zillion times, and they don’t shrink.

So there it is … pretty simple stuff but things that have made my pregnancy so much more comfortable :) Do you have anything to add? What were your pregnancy “must-haves”?

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