Bumpdate — 29 Weeks!

Woohoo! Is it just me or is this pregnancy absolutely flying by?? It’s really crazy thinking about how soon she could be here! (ok not toooo soon), but we’re down to 70-odd days until her due date! Nuts, I tell you.
My new Pea in a Pod shirt that I am in love with :)
How far along: 29 weeks and SO close to the countdown weeks to be in single digits!
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: umm …. this is the two week period where I gained 11 pounds. whoa. I didn’t get much of a growth spurt either so I’m not quite sure where that weight went? By the time I went back on Friday for my checkup, I had lost 4 of those 11. MUCH better. My midwife thinks it was water weight.
Maternity clothes: I never thought I’d say this, but I’m tired of leggings. Maybe because they are the only pants I own that fit me. (maybe that’s where that 11 pounds went haha) So I finally broke down and went out and bought a few more pants to wear to work, since they still haven’t given me the okay to wear sweatpants. boo. But it feels SO nice to have pants that fit :)
Stretch marks: Nope!
Belly button in or out: Out and very weird looking
Sleep: It’s hit or miss at this point … some nights it is great, other nights I wake up every hour, on the hour.
Best moment this week: I had two checkups this week so we got to hear baby girl’s heartbeat and everything twice. She is still head down and doing beautifully <3
Miss anything: I can no longer get comfortable in bed, it takes me seven minutes of semi-rolling around to get into a semi-comfortable state. Oh, and it’s getting harder to breathe. Just talking sometimes gets me winded!!
Movement: This little-me is such a ninja. Except of course for Wednesday. When she didn’t move the entire freaking day. I tried poking her, eating cupcakes .. pretty much everything short of standing on my head and she would not budge. I was also having really bad contractions all day, so by 3pm, I was starting to get nervous. After calling my midwife, they had me come in to get checked out and they found her heartbeat instantly. I literally started sobbing, it was the most beautiful and perfect sound in the world to me. She was clearly very comfortable and in a deep sleep all day :) And then wouldn’t stop moving all night. Typical :)
Cravings: My cravings are starting to slow down, and I’m still trying to eat lots of fruits and healthy snacks, because then I don’t feel so guilty indulging in some treats when the mood strikes!
Queasy or sick: Still the same old rotten aches and pains, with a little bit of heartburn thrown in for good measure.
Looking forward to: spring! warmer weather! this is the winter that just WILL.NOT.FREAKING.END. Plus spring means getting to meet our little girl!

I am also very happy to say that her nursery is 90% finished! We worked on it all weekend, and it’s really come together so beautifully. We are waiting on a couple of things to make it completely done, and then I will be doing a separate nursery post! 
In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of her gallery wall :)
Prints are all from Etsy, I will link in separate post!
Also, this last story is too cute not to share …. Gunner is having severe anxiety over all these changes going on in our house. He thinks that everything new is for him, or is a new toy for him. Sunday I was taking all the tags off her dolls and teething toys and he sat there watching me so intently and patiently. I knew he was waiting for one, since he obviously thought they were toys for him. 
He was quite distraught when I put them all in this basket and out of his reach. He sat and whined at the basket for at least 20 minutes. Finally Keith took a new toy of his, hid it in there and then gave it to him, and he played happily with it for over an hour.
I’m telling you now … we are in for it once this baby gets here!!
Oh Gunner

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28 Week Bumpdate!

I clearly need to double check that you can read the chalk before I finish the sign haha! Red Shirt // Old Navy PJ pants (with HEARTS for valentine’s day! // Gap, non maternity
How far along: 28 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: uhhh…I gained way more than I should have in this last week, I’m close to 20 pounds now
Maternity clothes: Yes, although it’s officially just leggings or dresses for me! which isn’t the best outfits to wear when there is 12 feet of snow on the ground and its nine degrees
Stretch marks: Still none, although I’m getting some dark, almost bruising like patches around my belly button, so they might be coming
Belly button in or out: Still out, waaaay out haha
Sleep: finally sleeping good again this week, even without taking an Unisom, I’ve started practicing my hypnobirthng breathing and visualization techniques and it really helps me relax and fall right to sleep
Best moment this week: getting dolled up and taking maternity photos. It was nice to feel cute, even if I’m not feeling very cute haha
Miss anything: being able to wear normal clothes
Movement: Still moving like a little ninja all the time!
Cravings: the only thing I want is sweets … of any kind, at any time of day .. oh and ice. I crave and eat ice constantly throughout the day
Queasy or sick: other than the typical aches and pains and some heartburn, not too bad
Looking forward to: getting my maternity photos back this week! We moved our session up three weeks and spent Saturday morning with our amazing photographer at her studio. She promised we’d have the images back by the end of the week!
Here’s some photos from our week!
We finally, FINALLY got the paint color right for her dresser and I am obsessed with it! Color is Duchess Rose by Behr 

*sneak peek* completely unedited, Keith took this with his iPhone during our shoot on Saturday! Dress // Asos

Took Gunner to the park, and we did a little hand holding in the car :)

Decided to go to the new Yardhouse for lunch, and I tried my first ever non-alcoholic beer. It was good! I’ve missed beer :)
I just realized I completely skipped over Valentine’s Day! Ours was very low-key this year … we got take out from P.F. Chang’s and rented a movie. It was a really nice, quiet night in which I am all about right now. Keith sent me cake pops at work (he clearly knows I care more about sweets than flowers!) and got me a gift certificate to get a prenatal massage. Ahhhh I cannot wait to book it! 
This weekend we also officially made the decision to take our house off the market. It’s been four weeks, we’ve had very little interest and since I’m due in roughly ten weeks, we decided that this was not the best time to continue trying to sell our house. We are okay with this decision, since we realized that this was a sign for us to stay and we are loving how functional the new layout is. We are instead going to focus on having a baby (ha!) and maybe reevaluate again toward the end of the summer.

Coming up this week is the dreaded glucose screening test, and getting my work life more organized since I start training the person covering for my maternity leave next week! eeek! #shitjustgotrealfolks

Have a great week!!

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DIY Canvas Print

I love the idea of making things for baby M’s nursery, and while I am not particularly crafty, there are some things that I’ve convinced myself can’t be too hard to make :) 
Here is the DIY canvas I made to hang on the nursery wall. It took me 45 minutes from start to finish and cost me $9! 
  • Your choice size blank canvas (I used an 11×14)
  • stencils of some sort (I improvised and used a sticker set that I had)
  • pencil – to trace your letters
  • Sharpie paint pens
These were the letters I used
I went over the pencil tracing in a darker metallic gold Sharpie
And then filled it in with a brighter gold for some contrast!
And there you have it! I love it and I can’t wait to find the perfect spot in her room to hang this :)

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