34 Weeks


oh lordy I look tired! haha

How far along: 34 weeks

Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 28 lbs
Maternity clothes: well as of this week, almost nothing I own fits me so … I’m trying to just make do with what I have since we are almost there! 
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: Out
Sleep: I’m up twice a night to use the bathroom, and it still takes me a good amount of time to get comfy enough to fall asleep, but it’s better than it was last week!
Best moment this week: my favorite thing is feeling her get the hiccups. It reminds me there is actually a little person in there and not just an alien who likes to beat me up from the inside :)
Miss anything: being able to move faster, walking without waddling … oh and beer! 
Movement: her movements are insane. We laid in bed the other night and watch my stomach for 20 minutes. Keith swears he saw her fist punching out of my stomach. I’m telling y’all … this kid wants OUT!
Cravings: nothing out of the norm, just trying to keep my sweets cravings in check!
Queasy or sick: knock on wood, I’m feeling pretty good!

Looking forward to: is it to soon to say “not being pregnant?” lol …. we are just so anxious to meet our little girl!

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oh Target, you get me every time!


I am a sucker for Target. Aren’t we all though?? Lately, I’ve been making a lot of random trips to Target to pick up a “couple” things …. and walking out $100 poorer! oops :/

These are some of my most recent fave finds at Target!

This maxi dress is actually non-maternity, I just bought it one size up and I’m crossing my fingers I don’t stretch it out, so I can wear it after she’s born! 

No idea what’s up with my eyebrow :)

Printed Maxi Dress with 3/4 sleeves — and a steal at $27.99!!

I had been looking for an area rug for our “playroom”. This room has been next on my list to tackle, so when we saw this bad boy (and on sale!) we scooped it right up! 
I love the contrast of the blue with the wood floors

I love having different banners to hang on the mantle throughout the year, and I couldn’t resist this cute bunny one!
Sadly, I can’t find the link for these online! They were so cute though, and only $5.99!

 I also picked up this colorful yarn wreath for our front door for $12.99
Also not available online :( It was the last one in my store too, but I found it near the egg decorating supplies

I got these from the One Spot section … the coral containers are perfect for her room, as are the kraft bins. The little lamb sippy cup … yeah that was strictly an impulse purchase. I know baby M will not be needing a sippy cup anytime soon, but I just couldn’t help myself!!

Shoes …. ahhh I have a serious shoe shopping problem. Want to know how many pairs I’ve purchased in the last month? Five. Here are the two most recent ones, they were buy one, get one half off so I couldn’t resist!
Ankle strap flats — I’m loving this bright color for spring!
Sam & Libby for Target flats
We had one corner of the nursery that was still empty and I knew I needed something else for storage, so we bought this cube bookshelf and the bins. It’s the perfect height and size for the space. 

I’ve also stocked up on stuff for my hospital bag — nursing bras, tanks, pjs, ect. And of course, I always check out the baby section, especially the clearance clothing rack and I’ve had some good luck!

I’m starting to wonder if they offer an employee discount, because I might want to look into a part-time gig there to support my shopping habit!

Anyone else have any good Target trips lately?!

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Life Lately


Yesterday started my new schedule of working reduced hours at work. After going non-stop, and working sometimes 6 days a week, anywhere from 45-50 hours…this career girl needed to slow down. Last year before I got pregnant, I felt like I lived at the office. And truthfully, I loved it. I had the unique opportunity to build this position, and make it what it is now. I’m proud of it, and how hard I worked, and how much I grew professionally in the two years that I’ve been here.

I always said that I would always, always have a career and be a mom. Women today are taught that we can (and should!) have it all! But having/doing it all is tiring. Emotionally, physically and mentally. It requires sacrifices, compromises, being really organized and lots of coffee! Or so I’m told :)

In just a few short weeks, life as we know it will be completely turned upside down. Yes, while I will be returning to work after baby M is born, so I know I have a lot of learning to do. A lot of juggling to figure out.

So, in the meantime, I’m really relishing this new schedule. Leaving at 2, gives me time to run those couple of errands I need to do (post office, dry cleaning, ect) and still be home by 3. Where I plan to nap/rest for a couple of hours. Getting up around 5 means I can still do laundry, clean and get dinner ready before Keith gets home from work. And those two hours of rest are really what my body needs right now. I’m not handling pregnancy so well, and I need the time off my feet, just letting my body rest.

And of course, I’m cherishing moments like these:

“mama there isn’t much room for me on your lap anymore!”
my favorite moments — afternoon naps and snuggles with this little guy

Over the past week, Gunner has become more attentive of me. Wants to cuddle more, sit on my lap, and just be next to me. I think he senses that change is imminent!

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