ending to an era

It’s 10:45am, and I am sitting at my dining room table. Drinking coffee I made at home, eating a bagel. Listening to the best Pandora station (dubbed “amazing country shit” by my husband) and cuddling with Gunner on my lap.
There is barely any room for him, but he tries :)
Yes it’s a Tuesday. Yes I’m still pregnant!

Hanging out my first day home!
Even though it wasn’t planned to happen this way, yesterday was my last day of work at TrashLand. Probably my last day there, ever.
The last month there has been so hard for me, in every way. Feeling my priorities shift away from being a “career” gal to an-ever-growing-desire to be home more with our baby. When I started at this company two years ago, I was promised alot of things that have yet to materialize, and according to my boss, are still very much in limbo. Then there is just the fact that my company offers absolutely zero flexibility, which is extremely difficult for anyone who works there that has a family. She asked me if I was going back, and I told her that I didn’t know. I’m grateful to have the next 12 weeks off to really think about what I want to do, but in my heart, I know I won’t be going back. I know that what we want for our family just doesn’t mesh with this job.
So, as I drove away from the office yesterday – I was bawling my eyes out. Something I totally did not expect! I thought I would feel relief and excitement, and instead I just felt guilt. And worry that I was making the wrong decision. This mommy guilt is rough, and she isn’t even here yet!
I can’t wait for her to get here so I can snuggle with her and love on her. I know that will be when it finally hits home for me what life is really all about, and all my doubts and questioning will completely disappear. 
Until then, expect to see more of me around here! :) 

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Mother’s Day Ideas


It’s crazy that Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away! I love the idea of personalized gifts for our moms and grandmas, so I try to start thinking about these things in advance.
This year is a special one, because it will also (hopefully!!) be MY first Mother’s Day! This is also the first year our moms are grandmas!
We don’t usually spend a lot of extra money on these holidays, but I still want to show our love and gratitude for having these amazing women in our lives!
Here are a few favorites for them …. and a couple I wouldn’t mind getting either! hint, hint dear hubby!

PERSONALIZED grandmother necklace.Calla Lily.Grandma Gift.Personalized Necklace.Nana Granny Grandmother Jewelry ,BIRTHSTONE necklace,INITIAL
Necklace via Etsy
Best Grandma Ever Mug // Best Nana Ever Coffee Mug // Grandma's Mug // Gift for Grandma // Mothers Day Gift for Grandmother
Mug via Etsy


For me personally, I love my Alex & Ani bracelets and would love to add this one to my collection!

Bracelet from Alex & Ani

Of course, you can never go wrong with perfume, lotion sets or flowers!

Tory Burch - Tory Burch Gift Set
Tory Burch perfume set via Sephora
Philosophy - Amazing Grace Gift Set
Amazing Grace Gift Set via Sephora

Floral Arrangement via Pinterest

Has anyone started thinking about Mother’s Day? What ideas do you have?

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Weekend Wrap-Up and a Bumpdate!

Well, we had quite the uneventful weekend and I know I’ve been quiet in blogland this week …. but we are still pregnant! Our due date is next Monday, May 5 so *fingers crossed* she makes her debut this week! 
See, here’s proof :)
Taken last night, 4/26 at Keith’s dad and stepmother’s anniversary dinner
Celebrating 25 years on April 29!
Friday night I was sooo sick. I had one of the worst migraines I have had in months, was very nauseous and had an awful stomachache. I was really thinking that might be the beginning of labor! Sadly, nope … just a bug or something! 
The weather has been beyond miserable this weekend, but we managed to get out for a walk today … trying to stay active and encourage this baby out!
My two boys :)
On to our weekly stats! Maybe this will be the last one I post?!
I am living in this dress now …. Target, clearance for $13!
How far along: 38 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 35lbs … oops! 
Maternity clothes: I live in the same two or three outfits, looking forward to packing up all my maternity clothes …. until next time! ;)
Stretch marks: Nope!! 
Belly button in or out: Out
Sleep: Sleep is becoming more challenging, I feel restless at night and have a hard time sleeping all the way through the night.
Best moment this week: Knowing that we are *finally* in the home stretch!
Miss anything:This week I really wanted a beer. That’s about it :)
Movement: She’s cramped in there for sure, her movements are getting less frequent, and they feel more like she is just readjusting and getting comfy. She must be saving all her energy for her birthday!
Cravings: Friendly’s Reese’s Pieces ice cream sundae. I could eat one every day!
Looking forward to: I saw this pin on IG and it pretty much sums up how we feel right now. I cannot wait to meet this little girl who is going to steal our hearts and change our lives forever <3
Stolen from Instagram!

I also CANNOT WAIT to share her name! It’s been such a fun secret to have, but I am really looking forward to shouting it from the rooftops :) 
If you don’t yet, follow me on Instagram (username is gentelly) …. I’ll post baby updates and photos there before I have a chance to blog!

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