My last week home


I can’t believe that I only have one more week off with my nugget! The “maternity leave” in this country is a joke, but that’s a post for another day. I wish I could stay home just a teeny bit longer, but we have bills to pay! So, I plan on making the most of this week and tiring us both out.

This is my bucket list :)
1. Snuggle Gracie as much as possible.
2. Take Gracie to the beach for the very first time!
3. Pick out five adorable outfits for the both of us!
4. Pack bags for my mom’s! 
5. Pump, pump and pump some more! Make lactation cookies, buy more fenugreek and drink more Gatorade!
6. Attempt to find a formula for her as a backup option in case #5 doesn’t work so well.
7. Freezer meals! 
8. Snuggle Gracie some more. Dance around the kitchen with her. 
9. Go for walks. 
10. Order her newborn prints! I have to have photos to put in my office :)
11. Convince Keith to hire a house cleaner :)
And that’s it! Keeping my week focused on what is important. Grace is growing SO fast and changing every day. I’m working on just soaking in every snuggle I can!
I mean seriously, who could resist this face?!

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Father’s Day 2014


One of the things that I love most about having a child is celebrating holidays. I’m so excited to celebrate every one for the first time with her!

Father’s Day takes on a whole new meaning now that Grace is here! We spent the day having a cookout with Keith’s dad and later the three of us are going to attempt going to dinner for the first time! 
Becoming a mom has been amazing. But seeing my husband become a father is so special. The way he looks at her, and holds her and just loves on her makes my heart melt. I am really looking forward to many more special moments with our new little family :) 
Happy First Father’s Day babe! 

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Snapshots from our Weekend


Can I say “weekend” when the days of the week don’t matter right now? Sometimes the only way I know what “day” it is, is if Keith is home or not :)

After being alone for three days last week, I was so looking forward to our family time together!

They were both staring at Keith, excited he was home :)

She loves her daddy!!
We spent the whole weekend visiting friends. Now that Gracie is doing much better and isn’t feeling awful all the time, it’s getting easier to get out of the house. 

Snuggling with KerriAnne

Hanging with her “cousin” Cali

Cuddling with her auntie Jessy

An early morning snuggle with my mini :) we felt pretty strongly about Gracie not sleeping in bed with us, and she really doesn’t — but Sunday morning I was beyond exhausted, and knew she would be up in 30 minutes — so I let her lay next to me :) 


Sunday we drove to NH while Keith golfed so that Gracie could meet out friends Naomi and Frank. Gunner even tagged along for the trip! 

Sunday night was play time with Gunner and Gracie! She was exhausted after her long weekend and was asleep by 8:30! 

I hope y’all had a good weekend! 

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