What To Wear Wednesday: Easter Edition

Welcome to the third edition of What to Wear Wednesday! Brittany and I are back, and this month we are talking about what to wear on Easter Sunday!


Easter (usually) means Spring, and Spring (usually) means warmer weather. Except where I live, it’s  Who still 30 degrees with three feet of snow on the ground in Boston. But where Brittany lives (lucky duck) the weather is already warming up nicely – so I’m sure she will actually get to wear a cute, spring outfit on Easter Sunday.

I will too, but with boots, tights and a winter coat :)

 I always make sure that my dress is appropriate for church! Nothing strapless, or too much leg showing for me. I love the first two options if you live somewhere warmer, and the bottom two, if you don’t!

One // Two // Three // Four


One and Two are from Loft — seriously my go-to store for pretty much any occasion!! I love the scallop detail on the pink dress, and the eyelet of the yellow is so appropriate for spring!

Three is my wildcard – it’s the most expensive, but I love a pretty floral shift dress! I could still wear it with tights and a blazer, and be warm enough :)

Four is the color I am wearing – I know, it’s not very “spring-y” but with the weather here lately, it just doesn’t feel warm enough to wear a lighter color. Boo hoo.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see everyone’s Easter outfits and recaps on Monday! What are you planning to wear?

*I should also mention that both Loft and Banana Republic are offering 50% and 40% off everything, making these dresses super affordable! There’s still time to snag one of these beauties before Sunday!*


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