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*I was approached by Wayfair last week to do a post about my morning coffee and routine. I love me some coffee and thought this was a fun topic, so here goes!*

Weekday mornings with an eleven month old are hectic. It’s always quite the scramble to get her ready, give her a morning bottle, shower, get myself ready, pack our lunches & snacks for the day, make sure she keeps her clothes on and stays out of the dog bowl. So, you could say that my morning coffee tends to take a back seat :( If I’m lucky, I have time to throw some (pre-bottled from the refrigerated section at the grocery store) Starbucks iced coffee in a tumbler with ice as we are running out the door.

More often than not though, I wait to get coffee until she is dropped off at school. Then, I either go through the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts:

Just a medium ice with milk!

or I make myself a cup when I get to the office:

I couldn’t live without our Keurig!


or my favorite mug! From Twinkle Twinkle Lil Jar.
or my favorite mug! From Twinkle Twinkle Lil Jar.


Carousel of K-cups!! Hazelnut is my go-to, with just a splash of milk or cream


Colorful pens, a fun notepad and a cup of coffee — ready to get my day started!

At home, we do have a Keurig but I have a hard time making a good iced coffee from it. So typically, on the weekends, one of us goes out to get us coffee. We’ve been doing this for almost two years now. I know we could save money by cutting out those weekend coffees, but it’s just something that we do and we really love it. We’ll save elsewhere :)

We typically just hang out in the living room and drink our coffees. We watch HGTV, play with Gracie and chat about our week and our weekend plans. Having that hour of “us” time has become so important to us.

Tell me about your morning routines and favorite coffee! Do you make your own at home every day, or do you splurge like we do?

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