the big move

Y’all it is October, and that means we can finally breathe again! Since the middle of July we have been going non-stop: first we put the house on the market; then our house sold in less than 24 hours; so we scrambled to find a new place to live; then decided to take a vacation to Hawaii for two weeks; and by the time we came home and recovered from jet lag (with a 16 month old) we had exactly ten days to pack up our house; so that last Friday, we could close on both properties in one day and FINALLY, move in.

My blog has definitely suffered the most and I’ve missed this outlet; I’m excited to get writing again!

We sold our 2200 sq foot house in our perfect town, to move to an 1100 sq foot condo one town over. I know this probably seems a little bit backwards, but our house was not our forever house. We live in an area where real estate is high, and we don’t have a $750k budget. Which is what we would need to buy the home we want to live in forever. So we decided to buy a condo, live here for a couple of years and save enough money to build our forever home. We’ll either keep the condo as an investment and rent it out, or hopefully sell it for a profit :)

Even though our house isn’t very big, I’m excited to share more photos once we are really unpacked, all the curtains and pictures are hung, and I no longer have boxes stacked in the guest shower. 😉 Seriously, don’t look behind the shower curtain if you come over!

Now for a little Instagram roundup – if you aren’t following me yet, my username is @gentelly

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Another reason we chose to make this move is to simplify our life. We weren’t spending enough of the quality time together as a family that we wanted and in less than three years, we had accumulated 2200 sq feet of just stuff. We filled two storage units and donated ALOT of items as well. I hate being tied down by so many things that are just unnecessary and a waste.

We want our life to be able experiences and memories, not cluttered with things. Here’s to hoping we can find a better balance in this new space.


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