WTWW: Dressing for Family Photos!

Can y’all believe it’s November? We’ve had an unseasonably warm few weeks and I am just soaking up this gorgeous weather.

It’s also the perfect weather to have family photos taken! The leaves are all changing, the grass is still green and you won’t be sweating to death in the hot summer sun!

I love that fall photos can be either very fall inspired or can be more geared toward the holidays, and it really just depends on the colors you choose to highlight!

Here are some tips to ensure you get great photos:

1} Find a photographer who’s work you love and trust: We’ve been using our photographer since Gracie was three months old, and we love her work! If you aren’t working with someone already, ask around to friends and family or other parents you might know.

2} Pick the right time of day: ie. NOT naptime! or lunch time :) We did 10am for our photo session, and it was the perfect time for us. Gracie takes a long nap in the afternoon, and we wanted to take full advantage of the lighting, so mid-morning worked best.

3} Be prepared: Bring extra outfits to change into, snacks, baby wipes, extra blankets – you just never know what is going to happen! Especially if you are outdoors and sitting on the grass, or a pile of leaves.

4} Have fun and go with the flow! It probably won’t go as smoothly as you want it to. But this is where a good photographer comes into play because they can make the best of any situation or mood your child might be in. I thought for sure we weren’t going to get many great photos because Gracie was more interested in leaves and rocks than posing, but Krystal (our photographer) just went with it, and everything turned out great!

And now on ideas on what to wear! This is always the fun part :) Pinterest is clearly the best place to start – these are a few of my favorite photo inspirations.






one / two / three / four

I love both red and plaid in fall photos – plaid just makes me so happy, and I think it’s very festive :) Try to keep things in the same color family and keep only one person in a bright print. You don’t want to be too “matchy-matchy”, you just want the colors to complement each other!

Do you want to see a peek of our family photos?

Gentel_4604 Gentel_4648

As a reminder, the first Wednesday of the month, Brittany and I will be posting style ideas for a specific event. We plan to do a mix of both special events and everyday occasions, from how to mix prints or what to wear to a wedding {like today!}. Is there a particular look you want ideas on styling? Leave us a comment or shoot either of us an email; we are more than happy to incorporate it!

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