Thoughts for Thursday: 7 Day Detox Recap

Last week I shared that my husband and I were doing a 7 day detox. After 2 months of traveling, parties, holidays, we needed a desperate reset!

I was super nervous. Last summer, I did the 21 day fix, and it was really hard for me. I was hungry all the time, cranky all the time, and my cravings for the things I couldn’t have were out of control. To be honest, any time that I had tried a diet detox, I failed. I just lacked the will power. I assumed that was normal – that I wanted what I wanted because it tasted good! I lost 10 pounds on the 21df but quickly gained it all back once I could start eating whatever I wanted again. It really did nothing for me in terms of helping me change my eating habits. So to say I was apprehensive about trying this, is a huge understatement, but I also figured it was only 7 days 😉

I started our mornings with a detox tea, and we drank 90 ounces of water throughout the day (not a stretch for me since I’m used to it now!)


I found a clean eating guide with suggested meals, but my plan basically was no carbs – no dairy – no sugar but lots of protein, fruits and vegetables. I should have had eggs for breakfast, but I truly cannot stand eggs – unless they have lots of cheese on it, and is in between two pieces of bread 😉 So this is what a typical day looked like for us:

7am – Detox tea

8am – P96 protein shake with almond milk, banana and peanut butter (I cannot say enough good things about P96! It’s the best protein shake I’ve ever tried, it’s not chalky or weird tasting. And it’s about half the price of other “popular” shakes!)

10am – Apple or grapefruit; I love grapefruit with a drizzle of honey and cinnamon.


11:30- Plexus Slim, aka my pink drink (this helps regulate your blood sugar but also helps control carb/sugar cravings!)

Noon – Grilled chicken over a spinach salad with cucumbers, tomato, cucumber and an olive oil/balsamic dressing; side of fruit.


3pm – Carrots and celery with hummus, or an apple with peanut butter

6pm – Grilled chicken, side of steamed veggies or salad, quinoa or brown rice (I tend to mix mine all together!)


8pm – If I felt like I needed a snack, I had watermelon or pineapple

I’ll be honest – the first day was really rough. And I thought I wasn’t going to be able to keep going, but day 2 was much better and by day 3, I didn’t even miss the items I had cut out! I didn’t even miss wine – and you have got to know what a big deal that is for me, haha!

At the end of the week, Keith had lost 8 pounds and I lost 4! We loved how good we felt so much that we have decided to continue. We’ve added back in some carbs, but I am still eating no dairy or sugar. It’s been much easier than I thought.

I had no idea that getting our gut in check could help with sugar cravings, but in the last 10 months since I’ve been on a good quality probiotic, I’ve noticed a shift in the things that I crave, and I honestly think that’s why this detox was so easy for me, and why I want to continue!

I posted this picture on my Facebook page last night (follow me at


This is what my kitchen counter looks like and the items that I reach for when I’m hungry. (ok, not the succulent, but he’s too cute not to keep in the photo!)

Have you done a detox before? How did it go? If you’re interested in any of the products I talked about (P96, the pink drink or the probiotic) leave me a message and I’ll send you some info!

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