Cheers to Four Years!

A year ago today, we were on a plane to Hawaii.

Two years ago today, we were sleep-deprived new parents.

Three years ago today, we were {newly} pregnant and vacationing in Chicago!

And four years ago today, we said “I do!”

These are a few of my favorite wedding photos, some of which I’ve never shared on social media before!

Gentel Keith Getting Ready 089 Gentel Keith Getting Ready 130 Gentel Keith Lynch Park 016 Gentel Keith Lynch Park 018 Gentel Keith Lynch Park 025 Gentel Keith Lynch Park 030 Gentel Keith Lynch Park 035 Gentel Keith Lynch Park 130 Gentel Keith Lynch Park 131 Gentel Keith Lynch Park 181 IMG_2365 Gentel Keith Ceremony 062 Gentel Keith Ceremony 074 Gentel Keith Ceremony 102 Gentel Keith Ceremony 116 Gentel Keith Ceremony 182 Gentel Keith Ceremony 187 IMG_2369 Gentel Keith Reception 002 Gentel Keith Reception 003 Gentel Keith Reception 004 Gentel Keith Reception 010 Gentel Keith Reception 223 Gentel Keith Reception 209

Our relationship is simple – we believe in each other and we support each others dreams. We created the most beautiful little girl, and we are building our dream life, one year at a time. I’m so grateful to be married to someone who loves and puts up with me unconditionally.

He (rarely) tells me no, let me quit my job to pursue being a momprenuer and puts up with my shopping habits. In turn, we watch tons of sports, I put up with his 27 fantasy leagues and support his golf hobby. It’s a win-win for everyone 😉

Cheers babe to us! 4 down, a lifetime to go <3


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