Thoughts for Thursday: Fall Bucket List

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, school has started, and there is a definite crispness to the air, I am SO ready for fall.

Summer is always my favorite season until September and then come November, I can’t wait for it to be summer again! If we could skip right over spring and winter (especially winter!!), I’d be so happy, haha!

Anyway, fall is my favorite time of year because I love fall clothes (sweaters, uggs, and scarves!) and fall activities. So today, I thought I would share our fall bucket list! But first, here’s a few #TBT photos from last year!

  1. Football! (Speaking of, Go Pats!!)
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch
  3. Make homemade apple cider
  4. Apple picking
  5. Watch Halloween movies
  6. Pick out halloween costumes
  7. Rake (and jump into!) a big pile of leaves
  8. Go on a hayride
  9. Decorate our front porch
  10. Decorate/carve pumpkins
  11. Pick out “fall themed” books at the library
  12. Bake a pie
  13. Plan our Thanksgiving dinner
  14. Fall themed crafts
  15. Take a walk in the woods
  16. Take our family Christmas card photo
  17. Trick or treating!
  18. Visit the Topsfield fair
  19. Start a fire
  20. Make an indoor fort

What’s on your fall bucket list??

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