Tuesday Talk: Mama Ramblings

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet.

Being a parent is the hardest job that I have ever, and probably will ever do.

I go to bed exhausted, and wake up exhausted. I look at old photos of Keith and I, and hardly recognize ourselves! Now we look so tired with permanent bags under our eyes, and we have a few extra pounds we could stand to lose. But I look at those photos and think ‘Man, I can’t even remember life before her. We had no idea then, the blessing we would be given.’

See what I mean … babiessss … almost six years ago!


Gracie has made us the happiest we’ve ever been! The way she lights up when we walk into the room, the sweet way she cuddles our shoulder when she is sleepy, and now when she smacks her lips to kiss you. My heart overflows with love.

Yes, it’s hard. A lot of things have changed and priorities have shifted. But I know this time is fleeting and before we know it, she’ll be off to kindergarten, and then graduating high school.

I don’t really have a point of this post :) but I think all too often we feel that as moms we have to have it all together, all of the time. And I think it’s okay if we don’t. We have great days, and not so great days but always remember:



Happy Tuesday my friends!



Gracie’s First Easter Basket

I remember last year when I was pregnant with Gracie, I thought for sure that she was going to be born before Easter. Easter was late, on April 19, and I couldn’t imagine still being pregnant. So I did what any other normal pregnant woman does – went out and bought her a Newborn Easter outfit and basket!

Sadly, April 19 came and went – with me still very much pregnant – and so I returned the adorable newborn dress. That makes Easter this year, Gracie’s very last first holiday.

In typical female fashion, she owns several Easter dresses of which I cannot decide what she will wear. You never know with the weather around here – we could have snow, or 70 degrees. But hey, at least she is prepared :)

I had a lot of fun picking out items for her Easter basket, and I kept it pretty simple since I doubt she will really understand the concept this year :)

I chose a personalized basket from Pottery Barn Kids. I then added a bathing suit, headband, pacifiers, a stuffed bunny, a sippy cup and some snacks. I really wanted to get her the Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere chair, but I think I will wait until her birthday for that!

PicMonkey Collage - Easter
one / two / three

What are you putting in your littles Easter basket??

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Whew what a weekend!! I can happily say that this was the first weekend in 2015 that we did not get snow – yay!

Saturday morning, Gracie and I had a date with her playgroup. I love that we found this group! It’s so nice to spend time with other moms and babies that Gracie is going to grow up with :)


oh hi



Saturday night Keith and I attended a wedding for one of his co-workers. The event was at an art center downtown Boston and was unbelievably gorgeous! It was a wonderful night out and the groom even serenaded his bride – it was a beautiful evening!

My dress(es) from Rent the Runway arrived Friday night!
My dress(es) from Rent the Runway arrived Friday night!
All dolled up!
All dolled up!
Smokey eye and pink lips - my favorite makeup look!
Smokey eye and pink lips – my favorite makeup look!
I loved this dress!!
I loved this dress!!

We attempted to sleep in on Sunday morning as we were a wee bit hungover, but Gracie has decided that 6am is the new time that she wants to get up every morning. *face palm* We put on Doc McStuffins and Little Einstein’s and around 7:30, she fell asleep on my chest and we all got to sleep for another hour :)

This is her 6am face!
This is her 6am face!

We were asked by the Deacon at our church to serve on the panel at this year’s pre-cana class. We loved our pre-cana class and met some wonderful couples in our church. We feel so blessed and honored to have been asked! Sunday afternoon was the first meeting with the rest of the panel and we got to bring Gracie to the meeting. We are really looking forward to participating in this!

I started taking Monday’s off so I now have a three day weekend, EVERY weekend! Up on today’s agenda is a chiropractor appointment for Grace, a Target run and then a whole lot of nothing – just some fun snuggle time with my Nugget!

I hope you had a great weekend, and Happy Monday!



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