Grace Kamalani McKenney was born on May 8, 2014 – after 58 hours of labor – we call her “Nugget”.

She is one of the sweetest and happiest babies you will ever meet. Everywhere we go, people are always commenting on her bright smile and blueberry eyes.

With her daddy’s looks and her mama’s personality, this little girl is poised to be quite the diva and heart breaker :)

She is the most popular girl at baby-school,  loves playing with the “big” kids and people-watching.

Her favorite things are Gunner, strings and laces, apples, taking baths and being naked. She dislikes taking medicine and putting clothes on.

Everyone says that the time goes by quickly, and they aren’t joking. Everyday she is growing, changing and learning. She is our inspiration and reason for being. She has taught us to slow down, and appreciate each and every moment.