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I’m borrowing this from Kate at Anchors, Pearls and Curls because I thought this was really fun and a different post than I normally do!


thinking | about how nothing is ever as it appears to be
drinking | water
reading | nothing! and I miss reading .. no time for that right now
loving | my husband and our baby girl
wanting | to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!
looking | at buying this Tory Burch wallet :)
listening | to keyboards clicking
remembering | I need to write our August daycare check!
trying | to not lose hope about our house situation
wishing | time would slow down just a little
planning | our first night away from the baby!
enjoying | chats with my coworkers
day dreaming |  about our first family vacation
waiting | on 5 o’clock!
liking | photos of my friend’s babies on Facebook
wondering | if I should stop buying Gracie so many pairs of moccs
needing | a little bit more grace this week
wearing | a Loft dress and Havianas
noticing | I need a mani and pedi, asap
starting | to look for temporary housing!!
pinning | home renovation ideas
smelling | Bath & Body Works Tangerine lotion
and lastly…
thanking | God for this amazing life I’ve been given!

Anyone else care to share your current thoughts?!

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Gracie’s Baptism

I posted last week about preparing for Gracie’s baptism, and it truly was a special day for us. Since her baptism, we’ve been making more of a conscious effort, and it is my hope that we can continue attending church on a regular basis, and teaching her the values that come from living a godly life. I know she is only three months old, but she’s teaching me too. How to be kinder, less impatient, swear less and love more. I want to be the kind of mom that she wants to be her best friend, her role model and her “person”. I am lucky to have this kind of a person in my grandmother, and I hope to pass it on to her.
Now on to the actual recap of our day :)  
Grace was in a happy mood that day, full of smiles and squeals.
“I’m ready to go mama!”
We left her in a onesie, bib and her moccs until we got to the church. No wayyy was I taking the chance of her spitting up, peeing or worse, pooping (!!) on her beautiful dress!
Dress, JC Penney
She took a nice 20 minute nap on the way there, so she was refreshed and ready to go!
Family photo outside the church

Me and my nugget
With her godmother Jennifer

So alert during the service!
It was very meaningful for us that Deacon Frank baptized her. He married us and we are very close to him and his wife Kathy. He is such a big part of our lives, we talk about him often, and our grateful to him for bringing us closer to our church.

I especially love this picture below. Little Joey (who is 6 years old) took this picture!

She LOVES her daddy


Deacon Frank and Kathy hand paint these shells with each child’s name and their baptism date. He then used this shell to pour the water over head to baptize her. We then get to keep and save it. I’m looking forward to creating a memory box from this day and including it. 
After the service we had all our friends and family over to our house. It was a beautiful afternoon, and everyone loved on her and she was passed from person to person :) She got to meet many of her great-aunts, cousins and great-grandmother for the first time. She was quite exhausted by the end of the day, as we were we!
And of course, her cake … isn’t it gorgeous??  

It was a beautiful, perfect day and I couldn’t have imagined it any better. We are truly blessed!

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We had such a fun and busy weekend, and I can’t believe it’s already Monday! Since our weekend was filled with so much snuggle time with the nugget, most of my photos are of her!

I was so excited to pick her up on Friday night and spend the evening just hanging out. She is finding her voice and loves to “talk” and squeal.

Styling in her infinity scarf, telling mama all about her day at daycare!
On Saturday, we just hung out at home until the early afternoon. We drove to Leominster for Keith’s grandmother’s 75th birthday party. It was a beautiful day, and a chance to dress her in a cute outfit and let everyone fawn all over her. Of course, she peed through this outfit within 20 minutes of arriving! Note to self: wait until you arrive at your destination to dress her

How adorable is she in her seahorse one-piece and matching headband?

Hanging with her Pops!
All the partying tuckered her right out

Happy baby with her Grammy!

Selfie with her Grammy and Auntie Meghan

Sunday, we got up and went to the noon mass. She loved church! All the music, the lights and the colors coming in through the stained glass windows … she just sat there and took it all in!

Sleepy girl on the way home from church

Sunday afternoon was spent cleaning, picking up the house, grocery shopping and doing meal prep for this week. I’m working on getting a better system going so that my days aren’t quite as hectic!
Sunday night we went out to dinner. This was our first time attempting to venture out for a dinner that didn’t involve rushing. We went to my the restaurant that my sister works at, and got yummy Mexican food! Gracie did amazing, she again just hung out staring at the lights and the noise. She got fussy towards the end when it got to be close to her bedtime.


Thinking very hard

She already loves our phones

This face <3
We got home and put her to bed and got ready for another hectic week. My sister is watching her Monday and Tuesday so she stayed over last night. We love our Auntie time!
She was up five times last night (this seems to be her new “thing”), so starting Monday night, we are ditching the swaddle and putting her in her crib. This mama does NOT function well on hour blocks of sleep, and I’m struggling to get through the day. Now that she has passed 12 pounds, she should be able to eat more and sleep for longer stretches. Wish us luck!

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