Tuesday Talk: Mama Ramblings

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet.

Being a parent is the hardest job that I have ever, and probably will ever do.

I go to bed exhausted, and wake up exhausted. I look at old photos of Keith and I, and hardly recognize ourselves! Now we look so tired with permanent bags under our eyes, and we have a few extra pounds we could stand to lose. But I look at those photos and think ‘Man, I can’t even remember life before her. We had no idea then, the blessing we would be given.’

See what I mean … babiessss … almost six years ago!


Gracie has made us the happiest we’ve ever been! The way she lights up when we walk into the room, the sweet way she cuddles our shoulder when she is sleepy, and now when she smacks her lips to kiss you. My heart overflows with love.

Yes, it’s hard. A lot of things have changed and priorities have shifted. But I know this time is fleeting and before we know it, she’ll be off to kindergarten, and then graduating high school.

I don’t really have a point of this post :) but I think all too often we feel that as moms we have to have it all together, all of the time. And I think it’s okay if we don’t. We have great days, and not so great days but always remember:



Happy Tuesday my friends!



Five on Friday

This has been quite the week, so here are my random thoughts and all I have to say is TGIF!!!

1. I cleaned out my email inbox and finally decided to unsubscribe from the dozens of useless emails I get on a daily basis! Anyone else have an inbox that looked like this?

2. I made the decision to close three store credit cards. I’ve had them for a really long time, and I’m a little nervous that it might negatively affect my credit, but I just don’t need the temptation! I really don’t need to be using credit cards for anything.

3. Each week, I’ve been making little purchases for Gracie’s birthday party. I’m trying not to go overboard, but my gosh there are just so many cute things out there!!

Can you stand the cuteness?? Source


4. Two episodes in,  and I’m hooked on the new season of Southern Charm. Bravo really knows how to reel you in! I’m pretty much obsessed with the South and would die to live in SC! Although what is it with their names? Whitney is a boy and Landon is a girl – throws me off a little bit! Haha!

5.Here’s my “mom story” of the week!  I’ve been fighting the tail end of this sinus infection, and last night all I wanted was to go to sleep. I gave Gracie an early dinner and bath and then off to bed she went. I had a quick dinner and took a shower. I was still in the bathroom when I heard her crying. Then I hear her full pitched SCREAM. I run in (still in a robe with soaking wet hair) and pick her up and she instantly projectile vomits – all over the floor, herself and of course, me. I’m trying to clean her up and calm her down, while Keith tries to clean up the carpet and keep Gunner from eating baby puke. Yuck. Finally, she’s settled and asleep – and I realize that I have puke in my hair. And the toilet is clogged because Keith threw all the paper towels in the toilet. So I did what any other mama would do – washed my hair again and poured myself a drink. And watched another episode of Southern Charm. Sleep is overrated right?!

Happy Friday friends!!

five on friday



How to Treat a Sinus Infection Naturally

Sinus Infection Cure

On Thursday, I started feeling like I was coming down with something. My head felt like mush and I was beyond, beyond exhausted. I knew I was getting sick – but seriously, I don’t have time to be sick!

OnGuard and Breathe are too of my favorites essential oils– I immediately started using Breathe on my chest to help break up the congestion and OnGuard on the soles of my feet to help boost my immunity.

I started drinking hot water with Lemon and OnGuard and it was not only yummy, but instantly cleared my head and helped me think straight again!

Just add hot water!!

Four days later, and I’m good as new — I am so glad that I discovered essential oils – they have made such a big difference in our lives!

Do you want to know more or want to try a sample? Email me!



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