Our weekend according to iPhone photos :)

Photo taken just before she had a huge explosion all over me, herself and her blanket.


Those eyes!

It’s fall, y’all!!

A trunk full of goodies to decorate the front steps!

Eating pears like a big girl!

Gearing up for yet another explosion … it’s gotta be all those pears ;)

A little Sunday photo shoot

My lil pumpkin
How was your weekend?!?

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Life lately: mommy diaries


I got home from work tonight, eager to sit on the couch and snuggle my Nugget. 

She was quite happy to be sitting on my lap, and a few minutes in started with the “poop face”. Soon after that, I felt something warm on my lap — yep, you guessed it! Poop, everywhere. 
Upstairs, I laid her on her changing pad to assess the situation. It went up both the front AND the back of her diaper. It was literally everywhere. 
She is, of course, happier than a pig in shit. Laughing. Kicking her legs, and banging her hands against herself. Rubbing her hands in shit. 
I have to cut her out of her onesie. 
And then I ran out of baby wipes. Of course. 
Get the tub going, and just throw her in. Change the water four times, scrub her down three times. 

Have I mentioned that I’m pantless? Ya know, because there was shit all over me too.
After the tub, and we both get dressed and cleaned up, we get ready for bed. She drinks a bottle and falls asleep in my arms. She looks like such an angel. Until I put her on my shoulder to burp her, and she throws up all over me. All over herself. And all over the chair. 
Ugh. This again. Really?!
I lay her on the floor to undress her, and she projectile vomits again. And again. Now there is puke all over the carpet. I grab my phone and call Keith, frantic and annoyed that I’m alone. He’s driving. Of course. 
Start another bath. Once again, I’m pantless.  She thinks bath #2 is hilarious and laughs at me the whole time. 
Get her cleaned and dressed and in her cribs just as Keith walks in the door.
“She’s all yours!” I yell, as I run out the door to get groceries. 
It’s only once I’m out of the house, and interacting with people, that I realize there is still  puke in my hair. 
#lifeofaworkingmom #wouldnttradeit #howwasyourday

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Monday, Monday


This weekend was a blur. Seriously. One of my coworkers asked me how my weekend was and I told him I couldn’t remember. It was 8:30am. Oyy. 

Thank goodness for iPhone photos right?!

The sky Friday night was incredible .. We enjoyed our first date night out … Went to our friend’s son’s 5th birthday party .. Attempted to do a lot of sleeping .. Enjoyed a visit with my mother-in-law .. And watched the Patriots take Game 2.
So while it was nothing crazy or anything, it was still busy & full of snuggles & went by way too fast! 
Hope you all got through this manic Monday as well … Only four more days til the weekend!!

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